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Musical Director   - Mr. Fred Nicholas      Accompanist - Brian James

Accompanist - Brian JamesAccompanist - Brian JamesTop Tenors -

Top Tenors - Arthur Gowing, Anthony John, Paul Newman, Glyn Price,

, , Second Tenors -

Second Tenors - Peter Davey, Linden Evans, Paul Jones, Brian Downes,

 Alan Jones, Ricky Lewis, John Skinner, Kelvin Rees

Kelvin ReesKelvin ReesBaritones -

Baritones - David Evans, Roy Gibbins, Bert Jones, Gordon Thomas,

Allan Smith, Lyndon Norris, Arthur Hewitt, Alan Clark, Ray Hibbert

Ray HibbertRay HibbertBass -

Bass - Adrian Cooksey, Gareth Hutchins, Brian Toomey,

David Bryant, David Phillips, Dennis Noble

Photos from our Concert at St John's Church, The Hayes, Cardiff

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The Choir's Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday January 22nd